The Hub Method

Now you have your funding, but can you run a business?

Running a business is obvious, right? You can pick things up as you go along? Technically yes – but it will take you a long time and will end up costing way more than you planned for.  Neither you or your investors want to spend time and money on learning by trial and error.

The Hub Method will save you time and money by fast-tracking your way to learning the necessary structures and tools that are required of a COO. The programme will also demonstrate commitment and business acumen to your investor and present a more attractive overall proposition.

The Hub Method is an intensive programme designed to assess, challenge, develop and plan for future growth and success. This unique programme will help you to implement the best structure for your business, build on the processes in place to encourage growth and assess the risks to your success.


Identify and assess your understanding and strategy for each of the 7 key operational areas.

Implement and develop the strategy framework for each area, creating immediate actions.

Finalise and create an overall picture of your operational resilience, ready for your incoming COO to deliver and embed.

On completing the programme, you will be better equipped to drive your business forward for success.

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