Critical Strategy

You need to make critical changes in your business in order to survive, adapt and thrive, but do not know what to focus on first, what the actual issues are or how to bring your people with you on the journey.

In moments of tension, you need a quick answer and a best next move, not a glossy presentation after a few months.

You need someone to come in, assess the current situation, and work with your leaders and senior teams to adjust as quickly as possible.

It is business contingency planning in real time.

The value is in the solution found, not the length of time it took to get.


Assess the challenge being faced.

Identify the immediate issues and formulate an initial strategy.  

Mentor your leaders and senior teams to help implement the strategy straight away, advising the most appropriate communications necessary at that time.

All within hours.

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Lee’s company worked with me to nail down my business strategy. It was a great few days of consultation and planning. Highly recommended.