Career Strategy

Frustrated with your career choices and options? Develop a solid plan of how to revitalise and relaunch your career in the direction of your choosing, challenging any preconceived ideas or unconscious bias that you may face.

In six 90 minute sessions, we break down where you are right now, where you want to go and create a systematic plan that feels achievable. During our sessions I will support you through taking the steps needed to put you on the correct trajectory.

Working together, it’s less glass ceiling and more the sky’s the limit!

By being able to define your value and contribution, you can achieve greater levels of success than ever before. Confidently and knowledgeably, I will assess your current role against your ambitions and decide whether the right path is with your current organisation or you need a new role with new energy and opportunities. 

I will show you how to build an effective network, setting up key connections and relationships that will support your growth for many years to come.  I can show you ways to break the barriers you face at work, whatever they may be by focusing on what you can do and ignoring what you are told you cannot.

Be the creator and powerhouse behind your own success.

In the 6 sessions, we will:

Briefly review your CV to see what is on there that is of use and valuable.

Includes the use and analysis of the innovative organometric test, The GC Index(c), which analyses the type of impact you can make to an organisation and what kind of contribution is going to inspire you.

Discussion of career goals and aspirations, the importance of work-life balance.

Create a personal plan to show your manager what they need to know about YOU and your ambitions.

Tools and techniques for taking this information to managers, so they can see your value and you can get their buy-in on your career goals.

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